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Here we will be discussing different issues regarding the afterlife, earthly life and the connections. There will be celebrity posts and interviews although most of what I learn is compilations of many interactions with many spirits and the true source. Our purpose is to shed light on misconceptions that get us caught up on our path to understanding and using this blog as portal for those on the “other side” to get their voices and opinions heard rather than just flickering lights and playing mind tricks. If you’d like to book a reading, please visit my Remix Realm.

practice acchordingly

Healing through focused chakra work is a lot like working with color and sound. Each color associated with a chakra is associated with a emotion/tone along the emotional scale and a note/tone along the musical scale.

Basic color work begins with the primary colors: Red, Blue and Yellow. Complimentary colors are created form primary colors: red + blue = Purple, blue + yellow = Green, yellow + red = OrangeThen there’s the crown chakra (violet/white/gold) and the void (black/chrome), these are the creation points on the periphery of the body. (click on a color to find more info on that chakra)

Since complimentary colors are made up of 2 of the 3 primary colors, each color will have an “opposite” or a color it is unrelated to, i.e.. green is the opposite of red because red was not one of the primary colors used to make green. True Green is related to blue and yellow because it is made up of these colors but doesn’t contain red so it’s the opposite of red.



In chakra work we can use opposites to make adjustments. If there is excessive energy in a certain chakra then we can focus our attention on the “opposite” in order to release the most atTENTION from it’s opposing pole. You can use the color wheel to help you determine which chakra to focus on.


So if I’m feeling frantic or fried in the mind (PURPLE: 3rd eye) then I focus my energy on the opposite chakra (YELLOW: solar plexus). I can do this with stimulation of that chakra with any or all of the 5 senses: smell, sight, taste, sound and sensation. I could wear the color in my clothing or jewelry, surround my space with the smells and colors related to the chakra I’m attempting to stimulate in order to release it’s opposite. I can move through yoga postures and exercises to release the muscle memory and tension I’ve developed in the related areas of the body in order to allow more energy through and release congestion from it’s “opposite”. So in that example I might do sit ups or crunches to bring tension and concentration into the solar plexus and bring me back into the sensation of my body and out of my mind/3rd eye over-analyzation.  Perhaps drink some lemonade (yellow) to increase my electrolytes which will help with the distribution of energy from my spinal chord/brain into my body. Or carry a citrine gem in jewelry or set it out on an altar to meditate on or paint a yellow painting or wear a yellow dress or use the scent of lemon as aromatherapy to cleanse and clear my mind with it’s sweet acidity.


When we are working with multiple chakras at once we can use the musical scale to help make harmonious adjustments. So as colors have opposites they also have a harmonious relation with other colors. Like when there is just enough variation between notes to create a distortion space which can create a physical reaction. Sound/notes can be used almost like tension wires crossing each other to create certain pressure points between them as they cross in “harmony”. Using single notes is like tapping a chakra center. Combining notes can be like fully massaging a chakra center.  This is how sound therapy works in releasing the nervous system and body. Each note or chord strikes or moves through an area along the spine and energetic chakra centers. This is why certain songs using certain chords can create an emotional atmosphere along with its texture, tempo and volume.

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The particles in our body react to sound vibration just as the sand in this video. Our particles are closer together and bound by our tension so the more we allow tension to release the more effectively we move to and with sound and an increasingly powerful experience.




spirit instagrams

I thought this was a great word to explain how we differentiate spirits and message meaning(s). Some messages have many watermarks – like those holograph things but can be more complex and a denser hologram/telegram:

a faint design made in some paper during manufacture, which is visible when held against the light and typically identifies the maker.

“A digital watermark is a kind of marker covertly embedded in a noise-tolerant signal such as an audio, video or image data. It is typically used to identify ownership of the copyright of such signal.”

hologram card

the matricks


earth angel: Ive been reading about this matrix thing. It seems to limit people comstrained to it. Is there a way

me: which matrix? 😉 there is the earthly one and the ethereal one isn’t really a matrix (like the term we’ve colored) but kinda like it – because we are connected to the physical we will always have some attachment to the one I think you’re referring to – we are influenced by the vibrations, formats and even timing (clocks and calendars) that set us up on a manipulatable program, like applicating predictive choreography – physical and mental yoga is the best way to keep yourself from becoming too enmeshed with and unknowingly controlled by it

vibration (pattern) becomes manifestation and the masses are on a particularly imposed rhythm – initially it is a way to organize and communicate but easily corruptible mostly because people find comfort in being led (parented): having directions can give people the illusions of relinquishing accountability

Body talk #5: Left eye (Indecisive)


earth angel: Your post about this challenge sounds quite interesting so here is my pic of my least favorite characteristic (indecisiveness) on my favorite body part ( eyes).  Looking forward to your reading.

me: i find it very interesting that you picked indecisive because when i first saw your pic i thought “damn, this girl is dedicated!” i’d say you were pretty decisive and enough conviction to adhere your eyelashes shut (eyes wide shut lol) very impressive! erik is whooting for you lol 😉

the left eye represents your foresight and 3rd eye cakra – the left side represents the feminine and the moon – the moon reflects the light of the sun – our sun is represented in our bodies by the solar plexus – the solar plexus governs our careers, paths in life, our drive and direction – when we come to a fork in the road that can cause indecisiveness and cause our 3rd eye to over react in compensation for the repressed solar plexus (cakras can be regulated with polarity work – the 3rd eye is purple and the solar plexus is yellow – the complementary color for purple is yellow :)) so you need to stimulate your solar plexus (sit ups, twists, detoxing, sweating -anything to stoke the fire to fan the flames of the heart and get your passions flowing again

this repression in the sacral cakra can create an overactive “image”ination and 3rd eye – thinking too much, overanalyzing, paranoia of what others think of you. you probably had a mother who focused on her family or job to take care of her family and didnt have an individual drive, hobby or passion of her own – this example can set us up to believe that is our potential too (not that there’s anything wrong with it but its not a standard mold) so we begin to question if it is possible to feed our souls and our children to fulfillment – can we give our all to the things we love in this societal structure of beliefs and system of disfunction – when we feel that we cant achieve it (even when we feign confidence) this will dampen our drive because our hearts need to survive and cannot take on that disappointment – so the system will slow and the mind will go into overdrive and increase our thought loop time and we’re off in all directions never able to follow through.

but you demonstrated here that that is a false belief that has been preprogrammed – you just have the wrong idea of what success is – begin living the life you want to live (start the hobbies you would if you didn’t have to work to feed your heart) just spend a few moments a day practicing your new life and using your dreams as a horizon – not sure where to start? what breaks your heart about the world? begin a journal about this 🙂 use your 3rd eye (mental energy) actively (solar energy) by writing and drawing it out – sketching or creating simple comic strips would be a great practice to try to express the excess in the third eye and integrate action with imagery and playful thinking

Body talk #6: Right breast (HuRt Easily)

earth angel: least favorite characteristic: hurt easily Favorite body part: boobs 🙂
me: great tits! ok right side is masculine near the heart chakra and hurt easily means you are very giving – generosity can turn into dependency (usually an enabler) a ‘weakness’ of the heart – you need someone to give to and create illusions to satisfy surfaced emotional needs, then get hurt when the temporary fix is over because you are really longing for something deeper – this is your pain: knowing the depths of life that someone would have to endure to understand you – you don’t feel worthy of that sacrifice.
you had a father that you adored and who maybe wasn’t able to live up to your needs although his love was evident he faced issues in his life that made him have shame in being a man and while this had nothing to do with you, the reactions he had in his life had an energetic effect on your expectations of men and how you can “catch” one with emotional manipulation – this never leads to true love because you have a mask or front up – if you can never allow someone to see your true reflection how can you ever feel truly loved? by learning to see yourself from an outsiders perspective 🙂
you hold yourself to much higher standards than others and they get away with a lot that you wouldn’t tolerate if you were aware that you were providing the opportunity. this is what we set up when we have ridiculous expectations of ourselves – we assume others will live up to it also and the only reason we don’t is because we are weak when the real reason is because these expectations aren’t attainable but the funny part is that when we let down our guard (the snobby bouncer keeping everyone out so that they don’t find out we’re ‘flawed’) we are able to see ourselves in a more open state and that attracts the healthy and healing energy we need instead of closing off out of fear and keeping ourselves from receiving – counterbalance your giving nature with learning to accept compliments and even giving yourself compliments in the the day when you’re feeling and looking good 😉
earth angel: Wow! I don’t think I can find the words to describe how blown away at how accurate you are! It’s like you were able to see my soul! Thank you for sharing your gift!

Body talk #3: Left leg (to honest)

me: the left leg represents your mother relationship and how she supported you – it seems that you worry that you are not the daughter she wanted (or the woman you expect of yourself)- that who you are conflicts with the mold you’ve been given – you have a hunger within you that you feel is inappropriate but you lacked a role model to help you learn to release shame – shame is created by anger of unfairness – you need to reclaim your body to suit your life and not the expectations of others and what they feel comfortable with comparing themselves to – you were not born to be your mothers mirror – you don’t have to take on a reflection of pain and holding back your light 🙂
earth angel: That’s strange. About the Mother part. Does it have to be a birth Mother or just who I consider ” MOM “?
me: who (in your experience) has played the mother role for you or have known as your mother
this patterns radiates into how you view yourself – our parents can project onto us
there are biological ties but the emotional body is more absorbent
me: I was wondering because I don’t want to be anything like my Bio Mom. She didn’t raise me. My Grandmothr did.
me: ah ok – that def explains the “it seems that you worry that you are not the daughter she wanted”
earth angel:But I know she ( My bio Mom didn’t want me )
me: although your grand mother took over – your brain knew of your mother – this is reflecting her and she is your grandmother’s daughter too 😉
earth angel: What does it mean I have a hunger that is inappropriate ?
me: this usually relates to natural sexual urges that have been repressed out of shame and the need to be “modest” to win approval – modest not only in the physical sense but also in how we reserve our thoughts and opinions
this can lead to overeating and anxiety issues
earth angel: well, I have anxiety issues and am not skinny by a long shot. lol
me: lol – its not any fault of yours just a sign of the times – i’ll be addressing a lot of this on my blog and feel free to ask me questions anytime
earth angel: thank you!

me: you bet – thank you!

Body talk #4: Left hand (sensitive)

earth angel: Thanks for the add! Love your idea. I struggle with accepting my flaws and weaknesses greatly.
me:  the left hand represents the image handed down to us from our mother – what she was taught (and her mother before her) was the ideal woman – you are saying you are too sensitive to live up to those standard – you think that being the “perfect woman” means giving more than you receive (hand outs that you can’t afford) and if you cannot live up to this expectation that you are a selfish, unloving and unworthy ‘woman’
earth angel: Indeed. Rings true.
me: what you need to realize:
your mother wanted to please others to receive acceptance because she didn’t beleive in her goodness – do you know that your heart is right? don’t you cry over the smallest problems of people around you and always lend an ear and a smile because you know what it feels like to seem unworthy?
you are worthy – love is not measured by exhaustion it is measured with intention – what was the intention of your mother? to self soothe and have a voodoo doll to pin her issues on so she could feel like she’s not alone
earth angel: Yes to the first message. I’m a huge empath to everything and everyone around me
me: you know that she isn’t alone – deep down you suffer for her negligent insecurity in seeing her own worthiness – you feel her pain of loneliness and react by with-‘drawing’ yourself to give her more room to grow – but you are the seedling in this situation – it is you that owns that space to grow, it was bestowed upon you by nature and birthright – take back your ground and give her love by showing her how to love herself – you do that by recognizing and breathing light back into yourself
me: most artists are and don’t know it – art is a form of channeling too – you can learn to read your own art 
earth angel: My mom, both of my parents, have always been extremely supportive, caring, and just wonderful hearted people. Still are.
me: it doesn’t mean that they come off that way to you – it’s a shadow side and can go unseen, skeletons in the closet – its a subconscious transmission coming from ancestral lineage that defined our societal roles – what its saying is that you feel unequal to other women, that you have some self doubt because of old structures and doctrines that implanted an underlying belief
do you find yourself giving more than you feel others give back?
earth angel: I think its an equal amount, in fact I’ve recently pulled away from ppl more so to protect myself. They love me and accept me anyway.
thats great! you’re already aware and proactive smile emoticon art is healing work – have you ever considered helping others work on their artistic muscles?
earth angel: I haven’t.just cuz im struggling keeping myself afloat. I wouldnt know how I can help others if i cant even help myself.
Justin Ybarra was saying the same thing to me earlier today too, about being aware and proactive.
me: awesome – i’ve been bumping paths with him lately – def work on you first – not that you need “work” but focus on your needs so you can teach others to work on their needs – i believe it will be with art 🙂

earth angel:Oh i need work lol

That you for all the great input!
me: no problem 🙂 thank you for participating! xox
i’d love to see your art sometime btw 🙂
earth angel: One of my work
me:aww damn – i knew it would be good but yeah – you def are a source of genius here 🙂 i’m kinda blown away with your refinement! i mean damn – the detail is godlike 😉 that eye…i want it in a frame! thank you for sharing – when i have some free time i’ll do a breakdown for you on one of them 🙂 do you have a website for displaying your work?
earth angel: Thank you 🙂 No website, I kinda private with my work.just family and friends lol
me: you def have a talent to be appreciated 
earth angel: Thanks. I definitely dont take it for granted or like it to be out there. Idk y.
me: you cherish it 😉 i had to do webcam work after my god encounter to learn about men – showing my naked body wasn’t a big deal but my body fears singing when in front of people – music is more sacred to me 🙂
earth angel: That’d make me so nervous. On both accounts.
me: it is nervy work and takes some nerve 😉 it’s about addressing the nerves and expression
earth angel:Yes indeed! Much braver than I lol
me: i have good help 🙂 so i can shine-on to others and help them 
earth angel:So happy you do. I hope to get there too one day.
me: you already do – you just don’t notice how you influence those around you and people can be shy when they admire someone so sometimes we never know 😉
earth angel: That’s very true, didnt think about it from that perspective.
me: 🙂 sometimes we look up or down too often but not a round
earth angel: Right?! Ugh life sometimes lol.